Jabuticaba Jelly Recipe with Peel

Jabuticaba Jelly Recipe with Peel

How can you not love jabuticaba? This vitamin C-rich fruit announces spring and is delicious in every way: natural, in jelly, in liqueur, candied, etc. My favorite way to eat jabuticaba is in jelly, taking advantage of the bark too, which is rich in beneficial properties for our body. That's why I'm sharing with you this jabuticaba jelly recipe with skin that I prepare all year round and take the opportunity to offer to friends and family. Check out all the details below and learn how to do it too!

Ingredients for making Jabuticaba Jelly with Peel:

 1 kilogram of jabuticaba

 500 grams of sugar for each liter of jabuticaba pulp

 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

How to make Jabuticaba Jelly with Peel:

To make this homemade jabuticaba jelly, start by washing your jabuticabas very well. Place the fruit in a pan, cover with water and bring to the fire. Cook for about 40 minutes to eliminate the bitter taste of the skin and until it becomes soft.

Tip: To speed up the process of separating the pulp and skin, during cooking, pop the jabuticabas with a spoon.

After the indicated time pass the contents of the pan through a sieve, pressing the fruits to strain the pulp. Wash the bagasse (jabuticaba peel) in the amount you want to use in the jelly and put it back in the pan.

Weigh or measure the jabuticaba pulp and add it to the pan, adding 500g of sugar for each liter of pulp obtained. Also add the lemon juice, mix everything and cook over low heat for 1h30 or until thick.

Tip: While the jabuticaba jelly is cooking, stir from time to time, so as not to burn, and remove the foam with a slotted spoon.

When your unpeeled jabuticaba jelly is thick enough, turn off the heat and distribute in small glass jars. Close it tightly, let it cool completely and it's ready! You can store the jelly for several months after it is closed.

Did you like this recipe? Try also to prepare diet jabuticaba jelly, candied jabuticaba and jabuticaba mousse and let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy your food!

Tip: The quantities indicated in this recipe yield about 4 portions of 200ml.

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